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About Us - Digital Solutions

About Us

Farrukh Shahzad
Offshore Team Manager

Our Vision

There is and always will be a clear distinction between coders and programmers. Failing to understand this difference causes not only time loss but also major financial set backs in the long run. Thats why we prefer spending more time on planning and strategy than on the actual coding. We strongly believe that good planning leads to long lasting solutions.

Our History

Emerged in 2004, Digital Solutions have been started with a vision to tailor the dreams of offshore software development that are considered impossible.

We believe that great technical knowledge, superior management and programming techniques can only be profitable when both the strong concepts and practical approach is used in the same time. We are not only programmers, we are a team driven to achieve the acme of impossible.

Programming has always been an art and we do not consider our programmers as close-minded but believe them to become true artists so we provide them the canvas to draw virtue of dreams seen by our clients.

New strategies, determination and hard work are our back bone of experience. We plan to provide Information Technology, not as a mystical power to do magical things but as a long term servant to fulfill their own ambitions dream and business goals, and most importantly at very affordable prices.

We thank all our valued clients and customers, who have always been very encouraging and trusting. We thank them for showing faith in us and promoting us. We hope that their trust in us will keep on strengthening with each passing project.

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