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Offshore Software Development

Are you looking for an offshore team?

In today's competitive environment finding the cost affective ways to increase sales and decrease operational cost is only possible with the involvement of software in business processes management.

Selecting a qualified team for day-to-day business processes, requires technical skills and experience. To help your business in this regard, choose our dedicated and low cost team, which can promote your business to meet the challenges of growing technology world.

Latest Updates: 

CV Management System

We are working on a corporate recruiting website code name "CV Management System". After months of toil this system has showed great results even after its first initial deployment. As we continue to develop and test, more and more recruiting agencies and website owners over the world have become interested in this system.

This system replaces the traditional document based management of curriculum vitae and provides greater flexibility over the handling and management of jobs and candidates, which in turns cut down the heavy load on front desk officers to filter and rank the candidate CVs. This also lowers the practical cost tremendously due to less investment of man hours by providing an automatic matching of job to candidate CV rank algorithm.

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